is the maintenance of commercial transactions in Ukraine

operations maintenance

We help our partners to conduct proper financial planning. We are faced with the fact that the developing companies cannot quickly enter new markets, especially the private sector. They face with the specifics of the local markets and local mentality; negligent partners and crooks cross they path. The first negative experience of export/import breaks down plans of successful entrepreneurs, and they cease to develop.

We encourage development of our partners and we directly bring together the parties for mutually beneficial trade relations, we select the most optimum conditions of cooperation and we maintain transactions from the beginning till the successful conclusion.


Export-import operations maintenance


checked the partners

We have a wide experience in export-import transactions maintenance and we can secure the transaction, having checked the partners and maintaining the transaction at all stages - from the conclusion of the provisional agreement till full implementation of all conditions and we can ensure timeliness and safety of implementation of financial calculations on these counter-agents.





Except beneficial prices from producers, we provide delivery of your cargo. Our partner is the leading logistic company of Ukraine therefore for today we are ready to give you the optimum price offer on delivery of your cargo in any point of the world.
WE GUARANTEE the service, cargo safety, delivery time and best price!


Open directions

Export from Ukraine:

  1. Agricultural products: wheat, soybean, corn, barley, peas, grain.

  2. Milk products: powdered milk, condensed milk, hard cheese, yoghurts, spreads and other milk products.

  3. Meat products: beef, chicken, stew, meat products and other meat products. Halal Certificate.

  4. Oil: Sunflower and butter.

  5. Walnut.

  6. Wood and wood products.

  7. Other products: flour, sugar, honey, frozen dough, pasta, canned, juice, jams, cereal, alcoholic drinks, confectionery products.

  8. Other products: cosmetological equipment, medical equipment, accumulators, oil and gas industry equipment, road building technologies, auto and machinery manufacturing, electro generated technologies, aircrafts, rolled metal products, aluminum products, turnout switches


Import to Ukraine:

  1. Polymers (Iran)

  2. Fuel oil

  3. Engine oil

  4. Gas

  5. Oil fuel

  6. Bitumen

  7. Tile

  8. Dried fruits: dates, pistachios, raisins, figs, kiwi.

  9. MDF (medium density fiberboard) (Poland).

  10. Mineral fertilizer (Poland).

On our website we have set up the commodity platform of the direct and checked manufacturers from different countries in order to provide a comfortable communication between all our partners. In this section, we have accumulated the direct application of our partners in Ukraine and abroad.

If you would like to find partners in Ukraine or can interest in the Ukrainian companies its products, you can contact us and offer your products for placement on the platform, having sent the application.

If you are interested in trouble-free work with the Ukrainian partners – please call now!

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